Thank you for your kind inquiry. Although, I appreciate your request, I cannot approve it. I understand some users will have unused toner for existing model, but the new printer is a "replacement." If we put a new one in we must take one out. We are selling the old equipment back as wholesale to get a discount. To compensate for unused toner, everyone will receive an additional high capacity toner cartridge at time of your new printer install. This is in addition to the toner shipped in the new printer.. Maintaining additional older equipment increases our total cost of ownership (TCO) while increasing the device to technician ratio even further beyond standards. We have less than 1/3 of the recommended technicians for the amount of equipment we currently support. The electrical, network, and square footage of our classrooms at every campus are also beyond capacity. We simply cannot keep "adding" equipment, hence the "replacement" policy. As mentioned, our network connection capacity is maxed with increased use of Chromebooks and now teacher laptops that have both wired and wireless connections. Although we are not currently prohibiting the use of personal devices, we may be forced to in order to keep network running efficiently. I have no issue with the previous/current use of personal laptop, but by issuing each teacher with a new laptop we hope that will eliminate the need or preference to bring their own. I know these are likely not the answers you preferred, but I feel it best to share the reasons for the policy to help everyone understand it is the best decision for our schools.
Published on: 2015-09-23
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