WMSD Student Account MANAGERS - How to setup student Windows and Google Accounts

I just ensured you and all Jr and Sr High Business Teachers and Librarians have the proper account rights to create student Active Directory Accounts (Windows) and Google accounts. You also have the rights to reset passwords. Used the (ACTION-DELEGATE CONTROL) feature to set distributed rights on the OU you want group to manage. We will distribute the Active Directory Management Console to your workstation. This is what you need to access accounts. The best way to create accounts is with this tool by locating the Organizational Unit (OU) in which the student account is to be created. This is under the "STUDENTS" OU within the OU of Graduation Year. If Senior its 2016, if Junior 2017, etc. Once in the proper OU, find an existing student account and Right Click -Copy. This will bring up a new account creation prompt for you to enter the new student's information. (First Name, Last Name, and Student ID). Enter these 3 pieces of information and the remaining required fields will be auto-populated, which sets the appropriate home directory, rights, login scripts, and group memberships. Set the password (Right Click newly created account) to Ab12345$ then have the user change it by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on a WMSD Windows computer. If just resetting password, locate the user account, right-click and reset password. Google is a separate account, but we have a tool in place to synchronize the user's password. When creating a Google Account, set their password to Ab12345$ just as above. When resetting passwords, ONLY use the Windows Active Directory tool as it will reset password for both Windows and Google accounts for the user. To create a Google Account, use Chrome Browser and login to your @wmsd.net gMail account. In the top right corner you will see a square icon made up of 9 smaller squares just to the left of you Google user profile picture/icon. Click this and go down to see other Google Apps. You are looking for ADMIN CONSOLE. Open Admin Console. Click USERS. On the left, click to expand "wmsd.net" to see all OUs. Here you will find OUs that are very similar to our AD OUs. Find Students OU , then Graduation Year OU beneath. Select the appropriate grad year OU and students within that OU should appear in list to the right. In the bottom right-hand corner you will see a blue-green circle with white plus sign "+". Click to ADD USER. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Student ID for the username/Email. Click Create. Google Account is finished. The email address field within the GENERAL TAB of Windows Active Directory properties MUST be set after account is created. Right-Click AD Account and select Properties. This prevents the LDAP sync of passwords with Google from working because this is the "matching" field. Those who create accounts, be sure to populate this field, as it is crucial to the function of password sync and students using their accounts.
Published on: 2015-09-11
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